Auto Brawl Chess

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Dominate the board with your monster and be the last one standing in Auto Brawl Chess
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If you have heard of auto-battler games, you will already know that these games ask you to choose the characters that you want to use in the arena, but the fighting is done automatically. Auto Brawl Chess uses this mechanic too, but they fuse it with the battle royale genre to create a new experience, in which you’ll have to come up with the best strategy to demolish your rivals.

Auto Brawl Chess consist of different matches, in which you and other players of your same level enter an arena to battle and prove who the best is. In order to do that you’ll have to battle your opponent using different monsters and creatures from your collection, but each monster that you summon, upgrade or add to your team will cost you a few coins; the winner will be the player that uses his coins to create the best plan.

Each battle is divided by rounds and you’ll have a few seconds to interact and make all the arrangements needed, but once the creatures start fighting you can’t interfere. All players will have an HP bar that you need to take care of because each time that you lose a battle the remaining monsters of your rival will attack you directly.

If you want to win, you’ll have to keep an eye on the individual abilities of your fighters, since each one of these have special powers that you’ll need to consider to create a good army. Even though some of these fighters are wizards, warriors, archers, etc. They all belong to a class and a faction and if you combine these aspects, you’ll unleash special power ups and skills inside the game.

You can customize your character using the coins that you win on each battle and level up to challenge other players. Join a clan to make new friends and rivals, but don’t stop until you become the best on Auto Brawl Chess.