Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

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Immerse yourself in this strategic and addicting auto-chess game that aims to raise this entire genre to new heights. Play NowArena of Evolution: Red Tides large

Auto-chess games, ever since their inception, have impressed with each subsequent release as every new game in this genre has attempted to one-up the previous release and Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is a game that continues this trend. This is a phenomenal game that certainly elevates this entire genre to a whole new level with its near flawless execution of the fundamentals, wide variety of features and aesthetic visuals that do not cease to impress at all.

The core gameplay of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides, as it’s always been in auto-chess games, consists of a preparation phase and a battle phase. The preparation phase is when you’ll select and deploy units and the battle phase is when you’ll get to watch your strategic planning unfold. What makes Arena of Evolution: Red Tides a truly high-end and revolutionary game, though, is the fact that it’s filled with multitudes of exciting units with creative designs that players can choose from and this gives the game a great deal of strategic depth.

The graphics of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides are absolutely top-of-the-line thanks to the game’s variety of stunning battlefields, expertly designed and highly detailed units and tons upon tons of special effects that occur during battle. Overall, Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is an exceptional auto-chess game that definitely raises the bar to another level.