Ambulance Simulator - Car Driving Doctor

Ambulance Simulator - Car Driving Doctor thumb
Not all heroes wear capes, as some of them are behind the wheel of an ambulance and now you can be one of them. Play Ambulance Simulator - Car Driving Doctor large

Ambulance Simulator – Car Driving Doctor is that intense new game that you’ve been looking for your phone, since you are now the paramedic and driver of an ambulance in a big city. If you want to save everyone’s lives, you’ll have to learn how to drive fast and how to stabilize a patient quickly, because time is running out.

It’s a little unfair than most of the intense driving games are full of violence, but in the videogames world there’s something for everyone, since now we have the chance to help injured people with our sick skills behind the wheel with “Ambulance Simulator – Car Driving Doctor”.

This is an open-world adventure, in which you can drive freely around the city looking for your chance to help. Even though the graphics are not too polished, the dynamic of the game runs perfect making it easy to enjoy it. Use the buttons on the screen to drive and the indicator to find the different dangerous locations.

Drive fast and smoothly to where you’re needed, but once you’re there you have more job to do, because as a paramedic you need to stabilize the patient using different medical tools like a first-aid kit, syringes with painkillers, defibrillators and more. Unless you want to kill your patient after you save his life, remember to drive safely to the hospital, because if you crash you’ll hurt your passenger more.

Even though missions don’t go further from finding the injured people, stabilizing them and taking them to the hospital, you can have a lot of fun with these tasks and you can win EXP points to buy better ambulances. Ambulance Simulator – Car Driving Doctor is a remarkable experience and we totally recommend it.