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Help return the Mankai Company return to its former glory in this engaging story based game that’ll have you completely hooked. Play A3! large

A3! is a captivating and highly immersive story based game in which players are given control of the Mankai Company which is essentially a theater company that’s on the verge of collapsing. It’ll be up to you to rebuild this company and return it to its former glory as you progress through the intricately crafted and flawlessly told story of the game.

The gameplay of A3! is built primarily around interaction with characters as your goal will be to hire various different kinds of actors for the theaters and train them for performances that’ll eventually help lift the theater’s popularity back to what it once was. The story of the game is paced perfectly and it’s a delightful and highly immersive experience to interact with all the game’s characters and learn more about them as the game goes on. There are also fun mini-games to enjoy on the way that help keep things fresh until the very end.

The graphics of A3! feature an anime-inspired style that isn’t too over the top but is highly appealing nonetheless. The characters have spot-on and highly detailed designs, the overall color palette of the game is bright and vibrant and the game also features some extremely well done voice acting that helps elevate the whole experience. All things considered, if you’re looking for a truly immersive story based game then A3! is the way to go.