5 Advantages of Using Android Emulators to Play Mobile Games

Every gamer we know- and this is probably true for you as well - has a mobile phone and uses it regularly to play games, but why would someone want to play a mobile game on PC? Let's dive in and find out! 5 Advantages of Using Android Emulators to Play Mobile Games large

If you’ve played a mobile game before, you would already be inherently familiar with all the advantages that come with being able to play games on a very portable yet sufficiently powerful device. However, there are just times when the mobile devices that you have just don’t cut it and that’s where Android emulators come in.

Here are 5 advantages of using Android emulators, like our favorite, Bluestacks, to play mobile games!

1. Can play more resource-demanding games

Instead of having to nickel and dime just to save enough to buy a more powerful phone just to play a cool new game that your modest phone or tablet couldn’t handle, why not use the PC you already have at your home?

After all, let’s be real here – most gamers would be willing to spend more money upgrading their PCs – a.k.a. turning their PCs into “gaming behemoths” rather than saving up just to buy new mobile devices when they already have a useable one and, especially since there’s currently no way for the average gamer to “tune-up” their phones or tablets.

Even the most average PCs or laptops come with specs that are, oftentimes, much more powerful than your average phones, and that’s important when you want to play games that consume resources, especially RAM and processor, like a starving glutton.

2. Playing for extended periods of time

Did you know that keeping your phone constantly charging, especially while you’re playing games on it, is a bad idea? It decimates your lithium battery’s lifespan and, in some cases, may even make your battery bloat, which, in turn, is very dangerous for you since the battery can explode if you continue using your mobile devices that way.

Well, if you love playing mobile games for hours at a time but the battery level on your mobile device just couldn’t store enough power for you to enjoy your gaming session in peace, then it might be time to look up the game on Bluestacks, install it, and play the game on your PC instead!

3. Better for streaming and recording

If you like to stream while you play mobile games, then using an Android emulator like Bluestacks is a great idea. Streaming directly from your mobile device isn’t exactly easy, especially if you are looking to use a free encoder/screen recorder that doesn’t impose its watermark on you. Most of these apps also impose limits just to try to shove their premium versions down your throat.

Plus, there’s the issue of audio as well where most recorders will require you to be in a sound-insulated room when you record/stream because you’ll need to turn on the speakers on full volume in order for the recorder to record the audio of the game you’re playing. Unless you’re willing to go the extra mile and jailbreak your phone, which is a whole other mess that we won’t be getting into, it’s very unlikely you could get any type of recorder or encoder to capture the device audio without having to use the phone’s speakers.

As a little bonus, the quality of your streams/recording would be much higher too, especially if you have a perfectly powerful PC. Not every phone can run both a resource-demanding game AND an equally resource-demanding recorder/encoder at the same time, after all! For PCs, this might not be the case.

4. Fact: Android emulators are better than the Microsoft Store

But wait! If you’re using Windows 8 and above, you should have an in-built Microsoft Store (a.k.a. the Windows Apps Store) where you can basically download mobile games to your PC and play. Why do you need an extra Android emulator anyway?

Well, for starters, unlike the Microsoft Store, an Android emulator like Bluestacks is able to let you tap into the much bigger trove of Android games that are on Google Play. Many games are Android-only after all!

Not to mention, since Android emulators are designed with PCs in mind, they have additional features, specifically the controls, that are tailored to let you play mobile games seamlessly on your PC with the good old keyboard and mouse.

The games in the Microsoft Store, on the other hand, aren’t exactly designed for Windows PCs but more for Windows-powered mobile devices with touchscreens like Microsoft Surface. Thus, games with controls that still require touch sensing, which most standard laptops don’t have, may not work as well on your PC if you download the game directly from the Microsoft Store.

5. Game region restrictions? Pffttt, the emulators have your back!

Have you ever wanted to play a game only to find that it’s only available say… in Asia despite already having an English version?

By playing the game on your Android emulator, there’s no need for you to bother yourself with the hassle of downloading the app’s APK file from a third-party site and then manually installing it on your phones or downloading an extra VPN app on your device and then, in a go-around way, download the app you want. It’s definitely a lot easier to just use the in-built and free VPN service on Windows 10 PCs and your trusty Bluestacks emulator to download whatever games you want!

But of course, if you would still like to download the APK files and install the games you want yourself, you can do so via your Android emulator too. It’ll be able to automatically pick up whatever APK files you have and install the files accordingly.

Besides all these advantages, we’d like to add that using an Android emulator like Bluestacks is actually really easy. You get to keep everything you have, including your Google account’s leaderboard, achievements, and levels, as long as you log into the correct Google account on your emulator. Once you’ve got it set up, which frankly speaking, only takes mere minutes, you’re good to go and can start downloading whatever mobile games you like to play on your PC.

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